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Artist / Process

AE Whimsy owner
Amy Erickson

About the Artist

Amy Erickson currently resides in Sonoma County, California. An artist in several mediums, she strives to create images that invoke a sense of joy and curiosity in viewers of all ages. She hopes her artwork brings colorful whimsy into your life, and that you share it with the people that you love.

“I consider it no exaggeration to call myself a ‘warrior of whimsy’. If I can create something that lights up one person’s spirit, even for a moment, I have won a battle against darkness that is not to be underestimated.”

— Amy Erickson


Amy Erickson draws freehand, with gutta resist, onto highly polished cotton. She paints in and around the resist designs with fabric dye.  If you are interested in learning this technique, Amy offers hands-on group classes. Sign up here for more info.